Verification of Stoneink Personnel

All Stoneink personnel that work on files are holders of either a Commercial Agents Licence or a Probationary Commercial Agents Licence and as such have been assessed and endorsed by the NSW Police Service as being people of good character.

A meeting is then held between a Director of Stoneink and the most recent employer of the applicant to discuss the circumstances under which the prior employment ceased and any other information which may be relevant to the application. Also, all details from the past five years detailed on the applicants' c.v. are verified by a Director of Stoneink by telephone.

If the applicant has been approved by the Police Service, then they are placed on a fourteen day trial period, during which they are accompanied at all times by an agent already in Stoneinks employ who has held a full Commercial Agents Licence for at least two years, has been with Stoneink for at least two years.

The current agent ensures that the new agent adheres to Stoneink policy as well as the applicable rules of the Courts, Privacy Act and section 50 of the Australian Consumer Law.

At the end of the fourteen day trial period, provided the new agent has satisfactorily performed their duties, they are placed on a three month "probation". During the probation period at random times, but at a minimum of once every five days, a full Commercial Agent in Stoneinks employ will conduct spot checks to ensure that the duties continue to be conducted satisfactorily.

At the end of a satisfactorily conducted probationary period, the new employee is given a certificate produced by Stoneink to that effect.

Further spot checks are then conducted at least once a month on a random basis, with the frequency increasing if circumstances demand it.

Additionally, a Licenced Commercial Agent who is also a Justice of the Peace, other than the person who completed the matter, individually reviews each matter completed by a Stoneink agent upon its return to our office. Stoneink currently has two such personnel.

Any breaches of Stoneink policy are grounds for a written reprimand, any breach of section 50 or any act is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Any agent who received three reprimands would be immediately dismissed - we have never had to enforce this portion of Stoneinks policy.

Criminal Charges of any sort are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Because of the highly emotional situations that can occur when people are confronted with an overdue amount, we consider complaints resolution to be an essential function in the Process Serving Industry.

As such, any complaint is immediately referred to the Director of Stoneink for review.

This review involves taking a Statutory Declaration from the agent involved as to their point of view of the incident, as well as discussions and negotiations with the customer and client.