Compliance with the IMA Code of Ethics

As a member of the IMA, Stoneink agrees to be bound by the Code of Ethics as listed below:

  1. Members of the Institute agree to be bound by all State, Territory and Commonwealth laws relating to the operation of a mercantile agency and to adhere to all legislation relating to Consumer and Fair Trading Practice
  2. Members of the Institute seek to maintain a high standard of business practice and to exercise honesty, integrity and credibility at all times in their dealings with the public, clients and fellow members.
  3. Members of the Institute shall not misrepresent their qualifications, capacity, experience and abilities or knowingly delegate assigned tasks to unqualified persons.
  4. Members of the Institute support the resolution of disputes initiated by either the public or members through an independent industry body and agree to be bound by any findings of the body.
  5. Members of the Institute support their State, Territory and National bodies in the development of the Institute in representing the industry in all activities associated with the development and well being of the industry as a whole.