Debt Collection

Since 1990, we have been working for various National and Multi-National companies, helping them to recover their bad debts.

By leveraging this experience we are able to help you with your recovery problems.

With a back to basics philosophy and psychological principles in place, we are able to utilise a different approach to the collections problem that does not rely on recrimination, or other escalatory manner, to try and collect your debts by bludgeoning your customers into submission.

In this way we strive to maintain the good will that you have already engendered with both your customers and the community in general.

We have found that our approach has led us to loving the phrase "Un-Economical to Pursue" as we never get to use it ourselves, so the only time we ever get to see it is on files we've taken over from other collection agencies and this gives us yet another chance to prove our abilities.

We will pursue your debtors until either we can get your money back, or the account is Statute Barred, as just because a debtor cannot afford to pay today does not mean that they'll not be able to pay tomorrow.

So if you are having problems with bad debts let us know and we will help you recover them.

At Stoneink an account is never "Un-Economical to Pursue"