Payment Options

Here at Stoneink we accept a variety of forms of payment.

To assist you further please make a selection below to learn more about how you can pay your account:


The Direct Debit form is available to download here

PLEASE NOTE: The account asked for is NOT the one on your ATM Card it is the one available on your Bank/Financial Institutions Account statements. Alternatively you can obtain this information directly from your Bank/Financial Institution.

The second page is for your information, please keep this somewhere safe.

Once the Direct Debit form has been filled out and SIGNED - Mail to:

Stoneink Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 8
North Parramatta NSW 1750


Stoneink are an accredited BPay agent, and as such are currently authorised to accept BPay payments on all accounts that we have for Collections.

To make a BPay payment on your account, our Biller Code is 39875

BPay Logo

and you will find your BPay Reference Number on the bottom of all of our letters to yourself.

Alternatively you can contact our office on (02) 8838 5000 to be provided with your BPay Reference number.

Cheque or Money Orders:

To make a payment by either Cheque or Money Order, we request that you firstly make the payment payable to your Creditor.

That is, if you owe money to Joe Smith Pty Ltd your payment should be made payable to Joe Smith Pty Ltd.

In addition your Stoneink account number, in the format of STI-######, should be noted somewhere in the correspondence to us to ensure that your payment is credited to your account promptly.

Any payments that we are unable to credit due to missing reference numbers are held in a Suspense Account and are able to be credited upon satisfactory proof of payment.

The payment should then be mailed to:

Stoneink Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 8
North Parramatta NSW 1750

Please ensure that your current postal address is marked on the rear of the envelope, as upon receiving your payment a receipt will be issued to the postal address we have on system for you.